Videos killed the tour guides? My Top Videos 2021/2

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There is no need to add more to what it has already been said and written how Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our social and professional lives. I would like also to think that in my case, it has given me that push, that time to do things I have always delayed for a reason or another.

The lack of real tourists and the, almost physical, need to talk about something I am so passionate, convinced me at first to speak with the teddy bear Paddy. I started to overcome the fears and the shyness.

So as soon as a travel agent called me and asked me to work on a webinar, I immediately said Sì! I will do it!

It was a great opportunity, I got asked to put together videos, photos and to create a sort of script and then I could count on a tech department for the editing.

I have got to say that it is a little bit weird how I feel at ease to speak in front of an audience and instead with the camera I feel that “cruel” eye sets on me…at least for the first minutes.

At the end of 2021 I looked at my calendar and notes, it was crystal clear that the number of tours were not so amazing, however, I knew I kept myself busy and definitely I had a big learning experience: video making.

I mean I did not do all by myself, I was in the good hands of professional video makers.

The first time I heard my recorded voice? The first time I saw myself doing the guide? Not funny!

Now, that these videos are spread out there around the Internet, I thought they might be more helpful if I could list them in a blogpost.

In this way, you can get to know me a little bit and they can be useful if you are planning to come to Lucca. Because as I usually do during my tours I have tried to combine different subjects: art, history, lifestyle, traditions, food and what I have been up to.

Here is my first attempt, thanks to See Italy Travel, you can enjoy a lovely presentation of Lucca .

Eventually I turned into a journalist when I was assigned to prepare the Palio di Buti video because I knew the president of the historical local association near Pisa.

By the time ECIR, the European Conference on Information Retrieval could not take place in Lucca as planned. The organizers desired to offer the speakers a taste of what they could have eaten and cooked.

So I went live from the kitchen of Chef Paolo Monti with Antonella Marcucci, a colleague. We made traditional pasta such as carbonara and amatriciana and a super easy but very tasty cherry tomatoes sauce. The second class had a full vegetarian menu, more challenging!

Speaking of challenges, I was involved by Pedalitaly, a local bike tour operator in a very exciting and brand new format for virtual bike tours.

It really felt like to be in a TV show!

Smart rollers, an immersive virtual reality platform called Rouvy, the most suggestive and famous rides in Italy, two professional sports commentators and then me!

I had my column giving a general overview of the cities and villages where the cyclists were virtually pedaling.

I could talk about monuments, museums, mountains, hiking paths, legends, famous people, typical foods and wines. Here’s a couple of races, one for Lucca and one for Bologna. Follow Pedalitaly Facebook page to join the next ride!

July was extremely hot and overloaded with events, tours, partnerships, and projects like the Silk Exhibit which it is something I am proud of. I have always been fascinated by the “exhibit world” and I really wished one day I could be involved in the preparation: budget, application for sponsors, finding the curators, and setting up the rooms.

Again, I am happy that I gained the confidence to shoot a video to share exclusively with my newsletter readers first and now with all of you here. Because it was a memorable experience!

And there is more…but I am not allowed to post them as they have not been released yet by the client. Spring 2022 Update: here are my favorites, Lucca by bike and Trekking and outdoor activities

So you can simply stay tuned or sign up to my newsletter (in this case, I’ll also give you a gift: the E-book “LUCCA TERZIERI: CITY GUIDE TO THE DISTRICTS”) to have a preview and in the near future you could follow me streaming live straight from the walls and piazzas!