Private Tours

My tours are a one of a kind, not prepackaged and not ready made! The experiences I offer are born from an exchange between my expertise and your desires. Each tour is a small creation, a piece of art. We start with the base, Lucca and its surrounding territories and create something special and meaningful. I assure you that it will be more than your Tuscan dreams could ever imagine! So here are some basic ideas.

Classic tours of Lucca

These are the starting points especially if you visit the city for the first time and you would like to get the most of it.

  • Monuments

Up and down, in and outside the Walls

In and outside the great wall of Lucca.

  • Monuments

Your first glance at Lucca

Art, traditions, history of Lucca. In a glance.

  • Food&Drinks

Genuine Traditions: Lucca food tour

The delightful and delicious side of Lucca.

Special tours

I have a passion for what I do, but there are a few other things that I like and that make me who I am, so I have thought why do not put them together?

  • Monuments

Lucca for kids

A yawn proof tour perfect for families and kids.

  • Food&Drinks
  • Monuments

Sweet biking in Lucca

Biking in the ancient heart of Lucca.

  • Shopping

Please do not call them souvenirs…Shopping in Lucca

Designers, boutiques, outlets, luxe brands and some tailors.

  • Monuments

Sight Running in Lucca

A special point of view on Lucca.

  • Monuments

Travelling Yoga Tour

Celebrate the meaning of yoga in the wonderful Lucca.

  • Monuments

My happy few places in Lucca: the hidden treasures

Peace and beauty in the best secret places in Lucca.

Tours outside Lucca

Now that you have become familiar with Lucca you might be curious to see what’s outside the walls… here are some of my ideas.

  • Monuments

Tour leader service in Tuscany

Have you chosen Lucca as your home base? Good choice, because from here you can

  • Food&Drinks
  • Monuments

Garfagnana back to the origins

Great landscapes, delicious foods, typical Tuscan villages.