About Me

Ciao! Nice to meet you…allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paola Moschini. I am 100% Italian and 100% all about life and the marvelous history here in my beloved Lucca. While I love to travel all over the world, and could live almost anywhere, Lucca is my home that I could not live without.

Logo_Qualified-Tourist_Guide Novembre 2013When I walk around this beautiful city, I must admit as a qualified tour guide, I do get excited when people ask me for directions.

I am always tempted to ask, “Can I help you?’ when I see a tourist reading a map or guide book. My job is not really a job, it is my passion and my life! Now, I must be honest and tell you some of my philosophy about my life, my passion!

  • Smiling is my favorite thing to do! I have been told that my smile is contagious, which is good-I think? Well, I love to smile…why be grumpy when I am living my passion and sharing it with you?
  • Long lectures on dates, numbers…I find them boring sometimes. I think you should be involved, but, also at ease. Enjoy the views, take the photos, taste all the gelato flavors [we have many!]…and, in the end, you will still know how many bricks it took to build our world-famous walls that surrounds the city center. Follow me on a bike tour of the city and its walls! 
  • The internet is a valuable tool…hey, we are meeting here for the first time, yes? That said, I am here to help you plan your BESPOKE holiday in Lucca. It is customized and designed for you and only you. No two tour experiences are the same…I offer something that you will not find on google or any other search engine, or even in our tourist information office here!

Have you ever heard of Italian pride? It is a real thing! It’s not true that we feel it only when the Italian soccer team plays… Allow me to tell you some things that make me proud of myself!I am a member of the small population that actually leaves Italy, but returns! Three years in the UK working and studying abroad in my early twenties was a big step for my Italian Mama, er – I mean, a big step for me! The experience was infinitely invaluable!

Another big step! After returning to Italy [and to Mama, she was very happy] I could no longer ignore my passion for tours for very long. While working fulltime in sales, I made the decision to live my dreams, to share my passion and I quit that job to become a fulltime tour guide!

I have a big extended famiglia here. My famiglia, or passion partners, include great guides allover Italy; drivers; event and wedding planners; accommodation sources and insider tip experts. I believe in working as a team to offer our visitors an optimal experience. As they say in English, “Sharing is Caring”, and I care a lot!

My education is ongoing! I am always looking and finding new sources, new places and new experiences to share with you. If the museum has an art course, I attend. If there is a bootcamp for guides in Rome, I go! If there is a new wine producer, or even an old one that I do not know, you can be sure I am visiting and connecting with them.

Also…I love to travel. Being an avid traveler myself allows me to understand the people I meet everyday!

So, why choose a tour with me?

  • True experience
    I can make you feel like a Lucchese in a few hours, or over the course of a few days. How much time do you have? I will make you Italian and feel Lucchese!
  • I am a local!
    Yes, the best kind of tour guide! I have a daily relationship with my territory, it is my best friend.
  • Friendly support
    I am ready to support you before, during and after your time in Lucca. Visitors tell me that they come as tourist but they leave as a friend.
  • Flexibility
    I am flexible. I do yoga and run! I am creative. I create a custom experience! I am fun to be around.