Location: Tuscany (Italy) 30 mins from Pisa and 1 hour from Florence by car.
Born or better founded: 180 BC by the Romans.
Lucca Population: 10,000 inside the walls, 85,000 in the total city.
Patron Saint: Saint Paolino (day of honor celebrates on July 12th) and Saint Zita (day of honor celebrates on April 27th).


  • Lucca Centro
    A beautiful and excellently maintained arrangement of medieval churches, towers, piazzas, shops and homes contained within ancient walls that date back to [insert info here]. Famously, Lucca is known as the birthplace of Puccini and hosts cultural events celebrating the Arts: Music, Theatre, Food, Wine, Painting, Sculpture, Dance & Photography throughout the year.
  • Lucca town
    Outside of Centro, the city lies on flat lands, surrounded by nearby hills and mountains and the Serchio river runs through, close to Centro.
  • Lucca Countryside
    The magnificent countryside is a feast for beauty and nature with rolling hills that host many vineyards, olive trees and noble villas.
  • Versilia
    A special region of Lucca where the mainland meets the Mediterranean. See the seaside life, full of beach lovers, yachts, cyclists and beach clubs.
  • Garfagnana
    Not too far from Centro lies a world of mystery and genuine tradition in the mountains. Life here is deeply connected to Nature and its untouched beauty.


Lucca is always beautiful, and to align with our most cherished seasons, it is best to visit in Spring and Autumn. However, there is always something special happening, no matter the time of year. Picture yourself immersing in life as a local…rent a local apartment in the city, walk or ride your bike on the walls…later on enjoy an aperitivo drink special we call a “Peschino” at a local bar of the same name, while admiring the architecture and Tuscan light in Piazza San Michele.

Or walk amongst our medieval streets while eating a hot and crispy foccacia, get lost in the rows and rows of antique market tables, sample a Puccini concert in a medieval church and make a special “Made in Italy” purchase somewhere along our famed shopping street named Via Fillungo.

Come admire the flora with me…the city boasts many different trees and flowers, in the Spring we have a street that is lined with blooming Magnolia trees and the Wisteria vines bursting with frangrance and color are sprinkled throughout our secret tiny piazzas and court yards.

I promise you will meet my city in a way that you could not have ever imagined. Lucca is a gem that offers beauty, sophistication, personality and inspiration which awaits you around each and every corner!

Photo credits
Lucca Piazza San Michele, Paolo Tambellini
San Michele, Paolo Tambellini
Le mura, Paolo Tambellini
Torre Guinigi, Paolo Tambellini
Lucca, Paolo Tambellini

LUCCA: Dream it, Live it, Remember it!