Slowing down: the low season for a tour guide

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It is time to wrap up this 2016 season, I have not written in the last few months (forgive me!) as I still have to adjust this new blogger aspect of my job. As usual, September was frantic in a good way, the wine tours were extremely appreciated and requested because of the grape harvest.


October has been quite busy and finally Lucca Comics and Games Festival was the most colorful and amazing crowd ever! I can tell you that even if you are total ignorant of all these manga, cosplayer, series and movie characters you can not remain indifferent! You have to pinch yourself to believe you are in a medieval city and not in some imaginary wonderland!


Here we are in November: grey rainy days are the best to start to slow down and my daily routine completely changes. People often ask me What do you do when is low season? I do the same thing everybody does… I travel! While I am writing this post I have already the plane tickets for a dream vacation (Hawaii… I am coming!! How exciting!)  and then I have a couple of short trips in my head in Italy, Europe…

Then it is not a completely off time, I mean I won’t have so many tours to do but I will have lot of back office: promoting my job, getting in contact with new travel agents and travelers,  planning new tours, improve and update my knowledge following art courses, conferences, meeting with my colleagues to arrange the events calendar for next year, visiting and revisiting some museums and exhibitions… (I absolutely want to see Dalì in Pisa and maybe Frida Kahlo in Bologna and what about Hokusai in Milan?)

I am happy that I have these pages now so that I can go deeper and show you Lucca in its quieter winter time (honestly, sometimes it feels so good to see have the city “all mine” again…) with ice cream places closed down and the smell of roasted chestnuts and necci in the streets, the warm farro and vegetable soups, the Christmas lights and then the Carnival in Viareggio in February, guess what my dear American friends? The smart paper float artisans had somehow predicted the main protagonist…Follow me if you are curious to see how this float will look like!