Your first glance at Lucca

Elizabeth Gilbert, in the book and movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” asked the one word that defined several cities – like New York was “Ambition” (or “soot”), London was “Stuffy” and Rome was “Sex.”

I would say that the word for Lucca is traditional. I am sure that most people walking in the streets admiring the palaces, the churches and squares will perceive somehow the beauty, the history but at the same time they feel that something is slipping away…

If you choose to share your first glance at Lucca with me, you will learn all the secrets, facts and details will be crystal clear. You will save time and I might even introduce you to a noble, smart, old fashioned lady named Lucca, that would be happy to meet you.

Together, we will be revealing ourselves through the medieval art of the churches at San Michele and the Cathedral, or through the local traditions of Saint Zita and the Volto Santo or through the long history of towers and palaces.


  • The walls and their newly restored dungeon;
  • San Michele and San Frediano church;
  • The Cathedral;
  • The medieval towers;
  • The shopping street Via Fillungo;
  • The picturesque corners and the Amphitheatre square.

Photo credits
Lucca, Paolo Tambellini
Lucca, Paolo Tambellini
Le mura, Paolo Tambellini
The wall, Paolo Tambellini
Piazza San Michele – Lucca, Paolo Tambellini
Piazza dell’anfiteatro, Paolo Tambellini