Sight Running in Lucca

9 out of 10 Lucchese will tell you that they are runners and once you have seen the walls you will understand the reason. Yes, in fact, I run too! So, I thought why not a sight running tour in Lucca?

Up and down the walls you will get your workout done, burn the pasta and bread off from the night before, while I tell you something as we run around Piazza Anfiteatro or cross the cloisters or climb the steps of the Guinigi Tower.

I use the word run in the Tuscan sense of slow [Tuscans believe slow is even better quality].
We will go at a slow pace and travel a suitable distance so that you can enjoy the city in a special way. Early in the morning is my favorite time to run when there are no crowds, and the morning light in Tuscany is a very special time of the day.


  • Spy the sun rising over the rooftops on the walls, check the first rays on the elaborate San Michele façade, meet the Lucchese runner mates!
  • Feel and hear only your steps on the ancient cobble stone streets
  • No crowds or noises… You, Lucca and your running shoes
  • Photo credits
    Ponte San Quirico, Paolo Tambellini
    Un luogo magico, Paolo Tambellini
    Acquedotto Nottolini, Paolo Tambellini
    Tower in Lucca, Paolo Tambellini