My happy few places in Lucca: the hidden treasures

These are my secret spots in Lucca where I go to find some peace, where I know I can stand in front of a painting and be so close to admire the tiniest details and nobody will push me to take a selfie, where I can look around and imagine myself with a seventeenth century dress and a wig, or where I can just hear the silence of meditation and ancient prayers.

I like to call them my heart places, that I would like to share with independent travelers that don’t believe in a hit parade of must see monuments.

One of the following highlights

  • Palazzo Mansi: the best example of a noble Lucchese residence with a new section dedicated to fashion and costumes.
  • San Francesco complex: a newly area of the city which preserves the church, cloisters and oratory full of local history, art and charm.
  • Villa Guinigi Museum: a painting gallery completely for yourself, a travel in art that will surprise you.
  • Santa Caterina church: a small jewel just brought back to life, just the frescoed dome is worth the visit!
  • The Gardens of Lucca: private, secret and public…

Photo credit
Olga Sytykh via / CC BY-SA
Fontanella via dei Fossi, Paolo Tambellini
Lucca, processione di Santa Croce, la luminara, Paolo Tambellini
Corte Pini, Lucca, Paolo Tambellini