Up and down, in and outside the Walls

The walls of Lucca are so unique, that I couldn’t not dedicate an entire tour to them. The main monument, the first thing you see as soon as you arrive in Lucca… Wow! For me they are a green hug that means home.

There are not so many cities that can boast such a well preserved ring of walls. I will explain to you their historical defensive use and how they have now become a favourite area to stroll by the Lucchese people who enjoy them all year round. It is an advantage point of view to see the city from above, its rooftops, its secret gardens and the quiet districts.

After looking outside the beautifully decorated Liberty style villas and mountains it’s finally time to head down under to explore the newly restored dungeons and to breathe the atmosphere of the past.


  • The impressive construction of the walls in all their aspects
  • The dungeons and basements

Photo credits
linear classifier, via Flickr