Let’s start… a blog? Really?!

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To open a blog is not such a big deal anymore, it has become something that suits anybody, any profession, any lifestyle, so I am not opening a Pandora’s vase. A tour guide blogger? Mmm, yes it is not that exciting or new…

Anyway, in front of the blank page I have realized that writing the first post when my skills were a little bit rusty could be not so easy. There are tons of manuals, web pages and experts ready to give you suggestions and tell you what you have to do…


I particularly liked a piece of advice given by a travel blogger friend. I have asked her how to write the first post and if it was necessary to start from point one. She replied me: “my heart would tell you yes. Marketing and economically wise I would say no. But what makes the difference between you and the others? Your person, your passion…therefore you have absolutely have to do it: people will choose you because it is you and you are this!”

So, I am that kind of person who likes to make a first step and as I have been taught at school I will follow the Five Ws..

My name is Paola, but I presume you understood that since it is written everywhere, I know it is a tongue-twister name for English speaking people, so never mind if you call me Paula, Pauline or Paulette!
If you like to shake my hand then you just need to read my about page. Here you can read who I am, where I come from, what I do and why and which are my passions.

If you have landed here through some random search for a Lucca, Tuscany tour then you just need to contact me and we will start to plan it together …
If you are only dreaming to come to Lucca or you have already been in my beloved town and you still have a pleasant memory and you would like to leave me a note of it… please feel free to do it in the comments section below, because I like to hear from you, because I care of the experience you had or you wish to have.
In these blog pages I would like to talk about all these things but even something more: my personal view of the city, my life as a tour guide, my travels, my ideas on tourism and tourists…stay tuned to check what’s coming out of the wizard hat!

A post a week, it sounds a doctor’s prescription or an oath. I will do my best to keep the blog updated and interesting, but just once a week because it is something totally new for me and I have always been cautious in life, I think I can stick to this promise even in high season when my life is just like a real rollercoaster!

So if you like to read about me and Lucca, Tuscany so much… you can choose the full optional version and you can find me not only here, whenever you want to, but almost everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Why not? I will probably will never become a blogger. However, these pages will become one of my tools to introduce me as person, my tours and my city, because you need to have an idea of what is expecting you and I do not want to let you down. Hopefully I will make you laugh, smile and think. Because this can be one of the ingredients of my Lucca recipe and I can make you mouthwatering while you will be reading it. Because the blog can be as our first meeting and I would like to be cosy and welcoming for the first time traveler who can start to plan their holiday but even for those loyal travelers to Lucca that like to know what’s happening.