Travelling Yoga Tour

I know your suitcase is already full and it has been a nightmare to pack everything and even this time your yoga mat has to stay home. Never fear, fellow yogi! Your practice can continue on vacation, or maybe this trip is the time to try yoga for the first time!

What better way to connect with your surroundings than taking a walk to learn about art, history and culture in Lucca and then participating in an engaging and fun yoga lesson! Stretch and breathe in some of the most peaceful, perhaps a few secret, corners of Lucca.

This is a perfect tour to celebrate the meaning of Yoga, which is Union: connecting to your body, your breath, and the gorgeous setting is a great way to spend time with your friends, your family or with your partner. Finish off your blissful wellness experience with a massage or energy treatment!

The tour is in partnership with my amazing yoga teacher Jennifer Warakomski.

Photo Credits 
Annmarie D’Ambrosio