Please do not call them souvenirs…Shopping in Lucca

Postcards, magnets for the fridge collection, kitsch souvenirs… I am sure you can find them by yourself!

If you are looking for something more authentic for you or your friends, let me take you the artisans “botteghe”(stores) in Lucca. You will see them while they are creating a unique printed design or business card, a piece of jewelry, or even a one of a kind silk shawl. The tour can be combined in occasion of the Lucca Arts & Craft Antique Market, which takes place the last weekend of the month.

If you like to shop till you drop, then you have found the perfect companion and city!! I can lead you in the world of the designers, boutiques, outlets, luxe brands and even to some tailors.

And what about the market? Lucca has a concentrated shopping area and a few hidden places but it can be confusing and frustrating to wonder and wander is it made in Italy or not? Is it a real bargain? My insider expertise will shed light on you and guide you to the most perfect treasures.


  • Visit the authentic historical stores of Lucca.
  • Meet the artisans of paper, jewelry, ceramic, leather and tailors. Observe them while they are creating their unique pieces.
  • Experience the lucchese garbo or I should say the Lucchese customer service and trading skills!

Photo credit:
waterboyzoo via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC
CucombreLibre, via Flickr
Christine und Hagen Graf, via Flickr
neiljs, via Flickr
I love Lucca, Cristina
Lucca shop window, Amy Davies