Lucca for kids

To see and touch is believing history and art. Let’s make of Lucca a kids playground!

There’s stone books to read and medieval graffiti to be discovered through a scavenger hunt with games and riddles. Tell me what your kids go crazy for: would they like to become junior masterchef of pasta and pizza? Or maybe to learn the archery skills as Katniss? Are they ready to dig out roman remains?

Whatever they love to do, I will try to make a yawn proof tour!


Have fun with your kids exploring Lucca and add beautiful memories to your vacation while they are learning the meaning of the bas-reliefs at the Cathedral, admiring the Sleeping Beauty of Lucca, touching the Devils stone and trying to solve the labyrinth…

Photo credits
Ho visto nina volare
Lucca, Paolo Tambellini
Lucca, Paolo Tambellini