Genuine Traditions: Lucca food tour

There are some tasty streets here in Lucca! I will take you to sample a piece of my favorite focaccia or a slice of veggie cake, yes veggie cake – it is delicious, or there is also Puccini’s beloved biscotti. I will definitely make sure you eat some Buccellato, our own delicious sweet bread, to make sure you will say you have been to and tasted Lucca.

In this tour your senses will be stimulated and required:

  • your eyes when you see the colors of the vegetables at the market;
  • your ears when you hear the crowd ordering coffee at the bar;
  • your nose when you enter the pastry shop;
  • your hands if you decide on a gelato demo or cooking class at the end!

Photo credit
MicMacPics1 via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA
Pug Girl, via Flickr
GioiadiVivere, Amy Davies
GioiadiVivere, Amy Davies
Lucca ice cream